Data Privacy Policy

As of: 24 June, 2020

Here, you can find out what data we collect when you visit our website and how we use this data. If you have any questions about our data protection policy or your rights, please contact us at We process all correspondence confidentially and delete it after an appropriate time period.

1. Web server log files

When visiting this website, the following data will be stored automatically in a log file on the web server (computer that provides this website):

  • Address of the website retrieved (URL)
  • Time of the page request
  • Quantity of data sent in bytes
  • Source (link) from which the website was reached
  • Browser type
  • System software
  • IP address (anonymised)

The data collected will be stored for 30 days in order to be viewed in case of malfunctions or illegitimate use.

2. Cookies

When you access a website, cookies (small text files) are placed locally on your computer’s browser. Every time a page is requested, the information from the cookies is transferred from the browser to the website and back again. As such, settings can be stored for more than one website and your browser can be recognised the next time you visit the website. In addition to cookies, there are lots of other pieces of data stored locally to increase the website’s performance, such as image files in your browser cache. The cookies stored contain information relating to your use or determine whether third-party providers can take measures to allow the collection of information.

2.1 Website cookies

  • CRAFT_CSFR _TOKEN (valid for 1 session)
    Stores a digital key (a “token”) to protect against attacks when transferring forms or calling up pages with AJAX

2.2 Google Analytics cookies

  • _gid (valid for 24 hours)
    Stores a value that makes it possible to differentiate different users unambiguously
  • _gat (valid for 1 minutes)
    Restricts the request rate for websites with high levels of traffic
  • _ga (valid for 2 years)
    Stores a value that makes it possible to differentiate different users unambiguously

If you do not agree to cookies being stored, you can prevent them in your browser settings. This may limit some of the functions on the website. Please note that your settings will only apply for this browser.

3. Google Analytics

On this website, we use Google Analytics by the company Google LLC (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA) in order to statistically analyse usage data.

Google Analytics stores the aforementioned cookies locally in the browser and collects data regarding website use. This data is stored for 14 months then automatically deleted. Google shortens/anonymises IP addresses before storing or processing the data.

We have signed an order processing contract with Google for the use of Google Analytics. This involved accepting the “Data Processing Amendment”.

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