WKO SP 1800x1000px Cover

A package packed to the brim

Re-Design »WKO Servicepaket«

The WKO represent the interests and provide services for over half a million members in Austria. In its "Vision 2025", the WKO has committed itself to creating "more benefits for its members with targeted services".

The wide range of services thus make an important contribution to a sustainably successful economic landscape in Austria. The spectrum is broad and ranges from advice from experts, both in person and by telephone, to events and various online formats (conferences, webinars, etc.) to information and services on the internet and via newsletters and social media.

All of these services are part of the "service package", which underwent a major relaunch in 2023. The services "packaged" in the package should be quick and easy to access, but also tailored to the individual needs of members. The new brand identity of the "WKO service package" was developed accordingly. The previously realistically presented package has been reduced to a changeable silhouette, thus retaining a high recognition value and at the same time becoming a changeable stage for all topics and content from labour law to customs information.

Rosebud provided brand strategy, corporate identity, digital branding, text, motion design and social media-templates.

WKO SP 1200x1800px Vorher Nachher Plakat
WKO SP 1200x1800px Poster
WKO SP 1800x1000px Logoentwicklung
WKO Servicepaket Poster A1 230721
WKO Servicepaket Poster A1 2307213
WKO Servicepaket Poster A1 2307215
WKO Servicepaket Kammerzeitung 104x275mm 2307212
WKO Servicepaket Kammerzeitung 104x275mm 2307214
WKO Servicepaket Kammerzeitung 104x275mm 2307216
WKO Servicepaket Kammerzeitung 182x116mm 230721
WKO Servicepaket Kammerzeitung 182x116mm 2307213
WKO Servicepaket Kammerzeitung 182x116mm 2307216
WKO SP 1800x1000px Layout black
WKO SP 1800x1000px Collage
WKO SP 1200x1800px Premium Board
WKO SP 1200x1800px Screen
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