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It’s only Rock ’n’ Roll…

Palmers Home

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…and we like it! Austria's best-known textile brand has a long standing tradition creating body conscious garments. Since Palmers doesn't have to prove it to anyone anymore when it comes to underwear, the company is now naturally also focusing on other textiles closest to our skin.

And because the world needs nothing less than even more mediocrity, the campaign is just as sophisticated, self-confident and consistent as the brand, as the product: I with one of the city's most charming boutique hotels as the location, photographer Wolfgang Zac and models Anna Kuen and Juan Milan create truly magical moments.

Together with Zündel Branding we are happy to add another encore to the Palmers brand concert.

Rosebud and Zündel Branding deliver Brand Strategy, Corporate Identity, Brand Communication, Advertising, and Art Buying.

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