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Keep Calm

Wiener Festwochen 2019

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The Wiener Festwochen 2019 are not loud. Following a castling of artistic directors, now more than ever it is about concentrating on the essentials: the pursuit of artistic excellence and artistic experiment.

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The campaign kept the peace and showed restraint, the formal language is clear and simple. The artistic positions and content are the program. They deserve our complete attention.

Rosebud delivers Positioning, Brand Strategy, Corporate Identity, Digital Branding, Corporate Design, Advertising, Editorial Design and Art Buying.

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WFW2019 Donaustadt Eroeffnung Ines Bacher07 Ballons 1500x2250px
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WFW19 Progr Kern 8
WFW19 Progr Kern 7
WFW19 Progr Kern 14
WFW19 Progr Kern 9
WFW19 Progr Kern 31
WFW19 Progr Kern 21
WFW19 Progr Kern 44
WFW19 Progr Kern 40
WFW19 Progr Kern 48
WFW19 Progr Kern 63
WFW19 Progr Kern 56
WFW19 Progr Kern 76
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WFW 2018 Spielstaette Volkstheater 1400x1400
WFW 2018 Spielstaette Halle E 1400x1400
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