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In the Heart of the City

MuseumsQuartier Wien Branding

The MuseumsQuartier Wien is one of the largest and most successful cultural complexes in the world. The MQ brand is exactly like it’s audience, it’s location, and it’s program: versatile, sophisticated, surprising, and always on the move.

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An iconic master brand + standalone program brands = MQ branding

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Something for everyone: Cultural diversity needs diversified communication.

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What’s going on? The MQ monthly programs are indispensable guides for culture lovers.

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The MQ Point is the first stop for cultivated shopping, service, and tickets.

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Very special: Unique promotions and seasonal offers complement the running program.

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Please take a seat: The MQ’s “courtyard furniture” is legendary – whether in the MQ or at home.

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Plenty for the ears: Music has a special place in the MQ.

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Big culture for little ones: Children can have their own MQ experiences and without adults.

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Great times for grown-ups: MQ Escape, Austria’s largest escape room, designed by artist Deborah Sengl.

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