KV Vanilla Teaser 614x848px 03


Photo book Klaus Vyhnalek

MQ Branding 2021 Teaser 614x848px 04

Say all kinds of things

MQ Re-Branding

RB WFW23 Teaser 614x848px FINAL

Licht in die Stadt

Wiener Festwochen Kampagne 2023

MQ Campaign 22 website Cover

MQ Campaign 2022

WFW22 teaser 614x848

Together again.

Wiener Festwochen 2022


Culture belongs to all.

MuseumsQuartier Campaign 2021/22

MQ Topia Teaser 210331

The brand in sound bite

Custom Font for MuseumsQuartier Wien

AA Teaser 614x848px

Sketchbook Austria

Agenda Austria Report 2021

MQ Buch Kulturareale 614x848

Third Places

art space society

MQ Sommer 2021 Teaser 614x848px

Let´s talk.

MQ Summercampaign 2021

MQ Libelle Teaser 614x848px 03

Spreading wings

MQ Libelle – Europe's largest art and cultural area is expanding

MQ Winter2020 Teaser LOVE 614x848px

What the world needs now

MQ Winter 2020

WFW20 Teaser 314x434 16

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Wiener Festwochen 2020

M Qx TP Cat Guy Teaser 614x848px

What’s going on?


MQ Libelle Teaser 614x848px

Unlimited Sky

MQ Libelle Branding

MQ Winter2019 Teaser 614x848px

Winter Is Many Things at Once.

MQ Winter Campaign 2019

MQ Branding Teaser 614x848px

In the Heart of the City

MuseumsQuartier Wien Branding

WFW19 Teaser 614x848px 02

Keep Calm

Wiener Festwochen 2019

MQ Amore Teaser

Sports Culture

MQ Amore

MQ SOMMER 2019 Teaser 614x848px 02

Summer Together

MuseumsQuartier Summer Campaign 2019

MQ WINTER 2018 Teaser 614x848px

Golden Winter

MQ Winter Campaign 2018

MQ Summer18 Teaser 02 614x848px

More Than Summer

MQ Summer Campaign 2018

VFMK BN Teaser 614x848px

A Luxury Volume for a Diva. A Tribute

Verlag für moderne Kunst

WFW18 Teaser 614x848px

Don’t Know the Details

Wiener Festwochen 2018

Mq 2017 sommer 614x848px Teaser

Summer on the Move

MQ Summer Campaign 2017

MQ ES Teaser 614x848px

Always there.

MQ Endless Summer

WFW17 Teaser 614x848px

Open for All

Wiener Festwochen 2017

Q21 Branding Teaser 614x848px

Quality, Quantity, Quartier

Q21 Rebranding

VFMK DA Teaser02 614x848px

Hong Kong as a Space

Amy Cheung Artist Book

RB Katzenkalender 2016 Teaser 2

Jumping Cats

The Perpetual Cat Calendar by Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek

Mq 2016 winter 614x848px Teaser

Another Time

MQ Winter Campaign 2016

Mq 2016 sommer 614x848px Teaser

Summer Stories

MQ Summer Campaign 2016

RB Fussball Kunst Teaser

The Greatest Pastime in the World

Soccer Culture Calendar

Mq 2015 winter 614x848px Teaser

Winter Wonderland

MQ Winter Campaign 2015

RB VFMK Landscape In My Mind 2015 Teaser

Keeping the World in Mind

Catalog Kunstforum Wien

Mq 2015 sommer 614x848px Teaser

Summer Is Everything

MQ Summer Campaign 2015

Mq 2014 winter 614x848px Teaser

More Beautiful than Winter

MQ Winter Campaign 2014

Mq 2014 sommer 614x848px Teaser

The Music of Summer

MQ Summer Campaign 2014

Mq 2013 winter 614x848px Teaser 02

Viennese Magic

MQ Winter Campaign 2013

WT Swing into Spring 2009 Teaser Teaser 614x848px

Spring Feelings

Vienna Tourist Board Spot

Mq 2013 sommer 614x848px Teaser

Culture and Summer

MQ Summer Campaign 2013

RB Pie Bible Cover Teaser

Romantic Literature

M + M Artist Book

Unit F FP 04 Teaser 614x848px Alle Cover

On Fashions

The All Season Fashion Paper

RB Michael Duerr Teaser 2


Michael Dürr’s Posterfolio