WKO SP 614x848px Teaser

A package packed to the brim

Re-Design »WKO Servicepaket«

MQ Branding 2021 Teaser 614x848px 04

Say all kinds of things

MQ Re-Branding

WFW22 teaser 614x848

Together again.

Wiener Festwochen 2022


Culture belongs to all.

MuseumsQuartier Campaign 2021/22

Palmers Home Teaser

It’s only Rock ’n’ Roll…

Palmers Home

MQ Topia Teaser 210331

The brand in sound bite

Custom Font for MuseumsQuartier Wien

RB Stadt Wien Illus Icons 2019 teaser

Fine Standards

City of Vienna Pictogram System

MQ Libelle Teaser 614x848px

Unlimited Sky

MQ Libelle Branding

P2 A Teaser 02 614x848px

Let there be light.

power2all Branding

STRABAG 123 Sicherheit Teaser 614x848px 02

Play it Safe

STRABAG Work Safety Branding

Interact Teaser 614x848px

Speaking European

INTERACT Branding and Communication

MQ Branding Teaser 614x848px

In the Heart of the City

MuseumsQuartier Wien Branding

MQ Amore Teaser

Sports Culture

MQ Amore

AA Branding Teaser 614x848px

Agenda Austria

Branding and Publishing

AH Branding Teaser 614x848px

To Your Health!

Anke Herms Branding

MQ EVENTS teaser 614x848px

The one and only Place

MQ Truly Unforgettable

Q21 Branding Teaser 614x848px

Quality, Quantity, Quartier

Q21 Rebranding

BUEROFREUNDE Teaser 614x848px

Friendly Working

Buerofreunde branding

PALM Rebranding Teaser 614x848px

Things Used to be Greener

Palmers Rebranding

Gf P Teaser 614x848px

Learning by Learning

GfP branding

ZI Zukunftskongress 2014 614x884 TEASER

New Future

Zukunftskongress 2014

Dept 2008 Objects Teaser 614x848px

Rule of Three

departure campaigns

Adidas Streifzug Teaser 614x848px

The best things come in three

Adidas Photo Book

WFW20 branding Teaser 614x848px

Wiener Festwochen CI

Rebranding 2019